Our Mares:

We imported our first broodmare and first filly foals after a shopping trip with Janko.  

We began with top quality, imported mares and expanded from there.  First, some of 

our all time favorite riding horses, selected by Belinda Nairn from INSPO, turned out 

to be wonderful breeding stock.  In 2009 we decided to concentrate solely on the KWPN 

Studbook.  The KWPN and its North American branch, the KWPN-NA, have a rigorous 

inspection system with an emphasis on performance lines.  They continually promote 

education about mare and stallion pairings,  understanding your bloodlines, young horse 

training, and research on  how to raise a healthy foal.  The publications, the annual KWPN 

Stallion Show, the internet database and the KWPN-NA Annual Meetings are all great resources.

  VDL STUD and Janko van de Lageweg have advised us from the beginning with 

  mare selection.  Janko and his family have been incredibly supportive, honest and 

  gone to great lengths to help us make the right purchases and stallion choices.

Thankfully the KWPN and the KWPN-NA are very pro breeder education and give 

breeders many tools to select stallion/mare combinations.  The KWPN-NA judging 

teams including Bart Henstra, Lana Sneddon, Dr. Debra Harrison, and Arie Hamoen 

are the best sources for feedback as to what went right and what was not so wonderful.  

They want the breeders to produce better horses and their feedback is invaluable.  Faith 

Fessenden, former KWPN-NA judge, and educator extraordinaire is the backbone of 

education system in the US.  Her knowledge of bloodlines and breeding is an incredible 

Ster or Star
Awarded above average conformation and 
movement or jumping talent

Higher conformation than Star mares and have either passed 
the IBOP or met scores for the Sport Predicate

Keur mares that have also passed the PROK X-ray requirement

passed the riding or driving test with a minimum of 75 points

meets the xray requirements of the KWPN

Mares that have produced 3 Star offspring

Mares that have produced 3 offspring that have competed at sport
earning points according to the KWPN system requirements

Mares that have competed themselves at the required level, for
dressage at 3rd level test 2 or above

Mares that have competed at the FEI levels and are world ranked.